Robert Elliot

Visual Artist

Founder of Art Effects, LLC
2012: Grant to attend iconography workshop

I loved art and drawing from an early age, but it was in Europe where my appreciation for the power of artistic beauty was born. During a summer spent studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria, I visited Vienna, where I saw St. Stephens Cathedral. The cathedral was being restored, and it was encased in scaffolding. I caught a glimpse into my future passion — church restoration, liturgical art and historic preservation.

In 2012, I was looking to push myself and expand my artistic horizons. I was eyeing an iconography workshop, an investigation into the vocabulary of icons. I applied for a grant from the Koch Cultural Trust, and was absolutely thrilled to be selected as a recipient. Without the grant, the opportunity would have passed me by. The workshop inspired me to reach for new horizons. I am using the knowledge gleaned from it to build upon my skills and sharpen my focus on a new artistic mission.

Most recently, I assembled a team of artists to complete a large restoration project in a 100-year-old church. This fostered my desire to create a charitable foundation, assisting religious communities as they renovate and restore sacred statuary and structures. By helping fund, design and implement those designs, we help revive the tradition and beauty of these historic structures.

Kansas is blessed with a wealth of artistic talent and we are fortunate to have the generous support of The Koch Cultural Trust paving our way to new, creative pursuits.